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We advise institutional investors, corporations and family offices on investments in all major alternative asset classes and oversee the complete investment cycle from global deal sourcing to successful exits.

What we do

Alternative Investments are booming. The lasting low interest environment shifts the focus of institutional investors from traditional to alternative asset classes to keep up with the required yields as well as to diversify their portfolios and manage risk.

The general framework for alternative investments is better than ever, making it more difficult to identify attractive investment opportunities and to recognise the potential of value enhancement at an early stage.

We advise institutional investors, corporations and family offices on investments in all major alternative asset classes and oversee the complete investment cycle from deal sourcing to the successful exit.

Our advisory services set a strong focus on:


  • Deal sourcing and analysis of investments
  • Analysis and optimisation of the current portfolio / building a new portfolio from scratch
  • Due Diligence
  • Structuring and planning of investments
  • Coordination of external law firms and tax advisors
  • Conduct of negotiations
  • Investor representation
  • On-going investment monitoring
  • Consolidated, tailor-made reporting of your target investments
  • Secure investment transactions with our escrow entity
  • Exit strategies, identification of potential buyers

Merits of alternative investments

Private Equity

Private Equity offers higher returns than the stock market with lower volatility and a better risk profile. Assuming an investment holding period of ten years, the average return per year is approximately 11%.

Our team is happy to assist with:

  • Fund investments
  • Direct investments
  • Co-investments & joint ventures

Venture Capital

Investing in young start-ups or sometimes not more than an idea to make the world a better place is linked with a high risk/reward profile. Nevertheless, VC investments make a good addition to the alternative investment portfolio to drive returns even more. Thorough investment selection is key in Venture Capital. Expected returns range between 10% and 20% p.a. and are highly dependent on choosing the right target or fund manager.

We are happy to advise on:

  • Fund investments
  • Direct investments
  • Co-investments & joint ventures

Renewable Energies

Besides the ecological merits, Renewable Energies, primarily solar energy, wind and hydro power, offer a lucrative spectrum of investments. Average yields of 7% p.a. and more are possible at a low level of risk.

We are glad to help you with:

  • Fund investments in Renewable Energies
  • Direct investments in solar energy, wind energy and hydro power
  • Co-investments & joint ventures in Renewable Energies


Debt or mezzanine investments are not linked to a particular asset or asset class. Financing is applied where needed while institutional and corporate investors adopt the role of a bank and offer lending to companies or project financing. Debt and mezzanine financing offer attractive solutions both to achieve strong returns while complying with equity capital regulations and to structure the equity/debt ratio efficiently.

We are happy to advise on:

  • Fund investments in debt/mezzanine funds
  • Direct debt/mezzanine investments in companies or (real estate) projects
  • Co-investments & joint ventures

Real Estate

Investments in real estate offer a steady income stream with low volatility and competitive risk-adjusted returns. Over a 10-year holding period the average annual return in commercial real estate is ca. 8.5%. The increasing urbanisation as well as demographic changes are great opportunities to invest in real estate (e.g. student accommodation in major cities, nursing homes, smart home housing, etc.).

We can help with regards to:

  • Fund investments
  • Direct investments in real estate and project developments
  • Co-investments & joint ventures

M&A / Corporate Succession

Buying or selling a company has its very own characteristics. The acquisition of a company is a great way to expand your business geographically or to increase your market share. If you are in the sellers shoes, you want to sell your company to an appropriate successor for the right price, which sometimes is an art for itself.

Our advisory services cover:

  • Buy-side
  • Sell-side
  • Corporate succession

What can we do for you today?

We love to hear about your experiences with alternative investments!

Whether you need one-time advice or on-going advisory / investment management services or just want to chat about the current markets, drop us a line at info@ais-advisory.com or give us a call at +49 (0) 651 99830-390.